Reusable fake wounds

Fake Wounds for Training

Creating reusable fake wounds for first aid practice is simple, inexpensive, and fun.
materials for fake wounds Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

I found that using two-sided tape was fast and easy but would not stick as well as I'd like.
Another way to make the wounds is to spread the caulk into a thin layer over a long, wide strip of plastic wrap - long enough to wrap around the arm or leg.
When dried, add strips of velcro - one perpendicular strip at the end of the backside and two parallel strips on the front of the other end. This allows an adjustable length.
To increase strength and prevent tearing, add strips of duct tape to the back of the fake wound before sticking on the velcro.
Some examples:

Turkey drumstick embedded as a compound fracture

Broken leg

Serious bleeding wound

Large bruise, possibly sprained or broken

Support a stick in a small mound of caulk to create an embedded object

Embedded object

I also found that hand wounds can be made very nicely on dishwashing gloves. The paint will not stick to the gloves, so you must spread caulking all over the glove and let it dry first - then paint.

2nd Degree Blistering

Severe Cut

Gloves can be cut and velcro added to make them more adjustable

Rolled up carpet with caulk and paint makes a severed arm for tourniquet practice

The simplest in fake wounds is to print a picture and tape it in place. They aren't as interesting as moulage but work fine for indicating where a wound exists in first aid training.
Click the images below to show in full size. You can just print them on a color printer, cut out, and tape on for simple, useful fake wounds:
fake wounds
3-inch gash
moulage first aid
6-inch gash
fake cut
2-inch cut
wound makeup
4-inch cut
fake broken bone
4-inch break
first aid training
8-inch break
fake abrasion
3-inch abrasion
paper wounds
6-inch abrasion
fake puncture wound
1-inch puncture wound
puncture wound first aid
2-inch puncture wound



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